About UsLynwood Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary services for cats, dogs, birds and exotics in our west Ottawa community for well over 37 years.

We are located in Bells Corners, Nepean with easy access from highways 416 and 417 and West Hunt Club road.

We have been accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO). This licensing organization conducts regular on-site inspections of our premises to ensure that specific professional standards are met. This evaluation includes such things as equipment requirements, sterilization, patient record keeping and medical reference library.

Our care for you and your pet is guided by our 5 core values.

Quality patient care – We will treat all patients to the best of our abilities and with the compassion, dignity and respect that we would our own pets.

Outstanding client service – We will treat each interaction with our clients as an opportunity to meet and exceed their expectations. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that will instill confidence and trust.

Positive work environment – We will exhibit respect for ourselves, our clients, our patients, and fellow staff at all times. We will recognize and value the contributions of every individual. We will work as a team, support and respect each other to maintain a pleasant, safe and healthy environment.

Staff and client education – Continuous learning is essential to improving our service and care. We will regularly participate in continuing educational opportunities. We will share our knowledge with our clients and the community to enhance the quality of life of the pets in our community

Preventive care – We will educate our clients to help them to maximize the health of their pets and strengthen the human-animal bond.