March 15, 1995 to September 6, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that our beloved Clyde E Bird passed away on September 6th. He was a member of the Lynwood Animal Hospital family for 25 years and we will miss his cheerful personality.

He came to us as a hand raised chick and he always recognized his human “mom” Louise and his avian dad Peanut when they would visit.

He was our avian ambassador. In his younger years he enjoyed going to nursery school for show and tell and especially liked the goldfish crackers that the children would offer him. He would also step up onto the fingers of beavers, cubs and brownies that had never been that close to a bird or felt the slight prickle of little toenails on their skin. He would also make an annual visit to Algonquin College so the veterinary technicians in training could learn how pick up a bird and hold one for an examination. He could say “Hi Clyde” and whistle the theme song from the Andy Griffith show, although his version became less like the original over the years.

He was also a “working bird”. At the hospital he would welcome visitors in our reception area and supervise activities in the treatment area. We always knew when another cockatiel entered the building by the calling that went back and forth! When needed for a demonstration he would help us show people how to give medications by mouth to their birds. He would also encourage sick avian patients to eat by walking back and forth in front of their incubators and letting them know that they were not alone.

In recent years Clyde retired from reception duties, but still maintained his supervisor position in the treatment area. As an old man he had to cope with some arthritis, but daily medication helped to keep him comfortable and active. He succumbed to kidney failure after a very brief illness.

We were lucky to have him in our lives for so many years! We will see you again Clyde on the other side of the rainbow bridge…..