Halloween Hazards - Are you preparedHalloween is a fun time of the year when we get to dress up and eat candy. Some pets feel the same way, even if the candy is not for them. When celebrating Halloween it is important to consider the increase in hazards at this time of year for our pets. Some hazards are more obvious, like the ingestion of chocolate or xylitol (sugar-free sweetener). There is also the mental stress that Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters can put on our pets. Do they get scared of the people in costumes? Are they hiding or trying to protect their space? This could be questioned for not just dogs but other pets as well.
Our pets may explore our decorations and possibly swallow them. Glow sticks, faux spider web, and costume parts are all things our pets may be curious about and want to investigate. Another concern is including our animals in the festivities and dressing them up in costumes. This can be fun but can cause them to overheat, get tangled or even suffocate if not monitored.
With all these hazards we have some tips to help keep your pet safe and your celebrations spooktacular.

  • Sit outside your home when you’re handing out candy to neighbourhood kids. This eliminates knocking/doorbell ringing. The front door will also not be opened multiple times or even left opened allowing a frightened pet to get out.
  • Leave the candy out in front of your home with a sign asking trick or treaters to take one.
  • Place your pets in a safe space with calming music playing while trick or treating is happening. Birds can be placed inside their cage. Dogs and cats can be placed in a room or kennel. It is best for them to have something to distract them – using something like a feeder puzzle or new toy is a good option.
  • Keep all Halloween treats in a container or box to prevent any curious tasters.
  • If you have a party, consider how your pet is going to react. If they are nervous with people coming into the home consider boarding them elsewhere or having a quiet room they can relax in.
  • Keep all décor out of reach of curious pets.

We hope you have a great and safe Halloween! Please give us a call at Lynwood Animal Hospital if you need anything.