Here are 5 things to look out for during the holiday to keep your pets safe:

Decorations: While decorations look beautiful on our tree they can cause multiple issues to your pets. Pets might see decorations as toys or even treats! Ingesting glass baubles, tinsel, potpourri and many others can make our pets choke, cut them, cause digestive upsets and in severe cases even intestinal blockages that will require surgery. Try to keep more dangerous decorations higher on the tree or even consider putting up a baby gate around the tree to keep your pet at a safe distance.

Foods: Make sure you supervise your pet around dinner time to avoid them getting into food that could make them sick. If a big family is coming over consider keeping your pet in a separate room. High fat foods such as stuffing and gravy can cause digestive upset to your pet. Bones can splinter and cause damage to the digestive tract or even cause obstructions. Many foods like raisins, chocolate, cookie dough, onions and garlic are toxic to pets and cause significant harm, even death if ingested in high quantities. Remember to keep any gifts and stockings with food items safely away until gift exchange time!

Plants such as mistletoe, poinsettias and holly: While these plants are traditional for the holidays and beautiful to look at they are not good for your pets. Signs include vomiting, diarrhea and drooling to more severe signs of seizures and even death. Keep the plants out of reach for pets, or if you have a pet that enjoys snacking on plants, consider safer plant alternatives.

Candles and electrical cords: Chewing on any of these items can cause burns and electrical shock. Alway supervise your pets if there are lighted candles and cover any electrical cords with plastic tubing.

Parties: Some pets might be okay with a lot of people and noise around them, but for most it can be stressful and fearful, especially if they area already anxious. Try to have your pets in a separate room with their favourite items and consider talking to your veterinarian about calming supplements to use. This will also ensure they do not slip out when people are entering and leaving the house.