Birds are masters of disguise, especially when it comes hiding signs of illness. That is why we recommend a physical exam every 6 to 12 months and regular blood testing throughout their lives. During the initial exam our veterinarian will review diet and care and discuss any health or behavioral concerns that you may have.

We will send you home with a “Bird Kit” which contains lots of valuable information about everything from tips on converting to a healthy pelleted diet, recognizing signs of illness, to how to provide foraging and enrichment opportunities.

At the visit we will recommend tests based on your bird’s lifestyle, exposure to other birds, and exposure to family members and other pets. Don’t wait until your bird is sick to book a physical exam.

Schedule an appointment when a new bird joins your household, or get started today and book an appointment for your existing flock members. Our exams also include nail trimming and wing clipping if requested.

Remember to keep any new birds in quarantine for 6 to 8 weeks to avoid your existing birds becoming ill.