Volunteering to help our wild birds.In 1981 a caring woman by the name of Kathy Nihei took in an injured hummingbird. This small act of kindness would have a large impact on the Ottawa community for years to come. Ms. Nihei was able to offer care during the cold winter and rehabilitate this little ruby-throated hummingbird for release back into the wild. With this successful rehabilitation under her wing, she realized the Ottawa area was in need of a safe haven for injured wild birds.

Fast-forward years later to The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre – a place that is open 365 days a year and has admitted more than 45,000 birds. They are a registered charitable organization and not only care for wild birds but also work hard to educate the public. This Centre is a staple in the community and is funded primarily by public donations. The people of Ottawa work together by volunteering and fundraising to keep this centre up and running. Lynwood Animal Hospital is a proud member of this community. We work alongside the centre to offer medical care and support to the birds that need it. Did you know that we donated approximately $19,000 in medical services in 2018? We love being able to offer medical care and the experiences are memorable – it can be anything from a surgical femur repair on a snowy owl to providing guidance on medicating a pigeon in pain. Being a part of the Wild Bird Care Centre’s volunteer support team is a rewarding way to give back to our community.

The Ottawa area is lucky to have a resource to rely on to care for our wild birds. Here at Lynwood Animal Hospital, we appreciate having a centre with such a knowledgeable staff we can refer people to for questions about everything from hatchlings to raptors.

For further information on the Centre please visit their website at https://www.wildbirdcarecentre.org/.